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Choosing a Quality Plumber – What Should You Consider?

Good plumbing is essential to any home. Can you even picture broken faucets, or worse, broken toilets? The idea is revolting by itself, and that’s hardly where it stops. There are many other scenarios that make plumbing crucial to our everyday life, which is why we have to be wise when hiring a plumber, whether for repairs or new installations.

Below are the most important considerations for choosing a plumber:

License and Insurance

A plumbing license shows that a plumber has been vetted for their training, education, experience and expertise. On top of that, with a license, you can be assured that the plumber is also insured (as one of several licensing requirements). If they are insured, you will not be responsible for medical costs or lost wages in case someone, including themselves, gets injured while doing their job in your home. If they cause any accidental damage, whether to your property or your neighbor’s, you will be free of liability as well.


There is no question about the importance of cost when hiring a plumber, but it’s not the only consideration you should make. A lot of factors should come to play alongside pricing, such as customer service, work quality, and so on. We all want to save money, but if that means getting shoddy results in return, those savings are just not worth the trouble and the added costs of hiring someone else to fix the job.


Unless you found the plumber through a trusted person’s referral, take time out to read online reviews. This will let you in on the kind of experience you will probably have with the tradie based on what other people are saying. But to make sure the reviews are objective and trustworthy, stick to popular independent consumer websites like Yelp and Angie’s List.

Client References

Ask your prospective plumber for no less than two or three references, and make sure to call them each. You can ask them any question as you think necessary, but there is perhaps nothing more revealing than “Will you hire them again for a future need?” If the plumber seems hesitant to give you references or won’t give you any at all, there’s no reason to find out why. Just look for another plumber to consider.


Finally, remember that a good plumber can be casual but they will always be polite and true to their word. If they say they’re coming at 2:00 pm, they should be on time. If they say they’re going to give you a discount, they will. Of course, they will be easy to get in touch with and responsive to your concerns. You can get a feel of a plumber’s professionalism right from the first call you make. How they treat you with that first phone call should be no different from the way they will treat you moving forward.

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